Simple and Secure

Packed with powerful features and easy to use.

Always There When You Need a Hand

Use your smartphone, tablet or desktop/laptop to easily create and manage inventories and download reports to any mobile device or computer.

Serious About Security

Minimal personal information at registration, and Amazon Web Services infrastructure: one of the most flexible and secure cloud computing environments available today. It all adds up to a home inventory experience that is safe, solid, and secure.

Convenience: It’s the Know Your Stuff® Policy

Store and manage all your insurance policy information, including contact info for your Insurance Professional; names and contacts for insurance carriers; policy numbers, and more.

Gotta Dash!

Need to see your stuff at a glance? The user-friendly dashboard has charts, tables, and graphs that show total value of your belongings by property, room, and collection.

More Stuff? More Features!

Multiple Policies and Properties

Do you have multiple insurance policies? Multiple properties? Know Your Stuff® lets you easily add policies and properties, keeping your information organized.

A Fair (and Foul) Weather Friend

Opt in* to receive integrated weather alerts for your area and to get in-app notifications, including updates and tips on how to prepare your home against damage from severe weather.

* Requires U.S. zip code

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