Frequently Asked Questions

What if I forget my password?

On the login page, select “Forgot My Password.” Enter the email address associated with your account, and we’ll email you a link to reset your password.

How can I change my password?

Log in to your account and go to “My Profile” to update your password.

How many insurance policies can I add?

There’s no limit on the number of policies you can add to your profile; you’re free to include as many or as few as you’d like.

Can I import my inventory from the previous cloud-based version of Know Your Stuff®?

Data from the old web and mobile applications will be migrated to the new mobile and web applications. Depending on the mobile app version you are using, you may need to update the app or in some cases delete and re-install the latest version of the app. In either case, your data and log-in credentials will remain accessible.

Can I import my inventory from the older, downloadable desktop version of Know Your Stuff®?

We have in the past provided support to users in making the transition from the old, downloadable version of Know Your Stuff® to the more recent cloud-based version since its introduction in 2009; however the older version of the software is now significantly out-of-date and we cannot continue offering this service.

Will all my information transfer over when I upgrade to the new Know Your Stuff® Home Inventory Tool?

We have extensively road-tested the data migration and have found it to be more than 98% successful. However, there may be a very small number of accounts for which the account data migrates, but not all associated images.

To ensure the smoothest migration to the new Know Your Stuff® Home Inventory Tool on your mobile device, we strongly recommend that you make sure that you are running the latest version of the mobile app before updating.

How can I add multiple photos for an item or location?

To add a photo when adding an item/location, use the “Add Photo” button. You can repeat this step to add multiple photos.

Can I edit/delete a listing?

Select an item you wish to edit or delete in “My Stuff;” then simply follow the prompts to edit or delete an existing listing.

Can I filter/sort my properties, rooms, items?

When viewing “My Stuff,” you can select multiple rooms in each property to see an aggregated list of items.

How can I move an item from one property to another?

After selecting the item in “My Stuff,” select the edit function to change its location.

What is the “label” option on my items?

By adding a label to items, you can organize and filter them by a category of your choice. For example: “Donate to charity” or “Sell at consignment store.”

Can I add my own labels to my items?

Yes! We make it simple to assign customized labels to your items. Select “Add a label” then “Create a label” when you create or edit an item in “My Stuff.”

What if I sell/donate an item?

Depending on your preference, you can either delete the item or label it as “sold” or “donated.”

How do I sign up for notifications?

To receive notifications, go to “My Profile” and opt-in to receive notifications related to your account. While there, you can also sign up for the Know Your Stuff Insurance Update newsletter, which will help you get even more value from your insurance dollar.

How can I receive weather alerts?

Go to “My Profile” and opt-in to receive weather alerts based on the ZIP code where your properties are located.

I like the Know Your Stuff® tool; how can I refer a friend?

It’s easy to refer a friend. Simply go to the “My Profile” section, enter their email address, and we‘ll send an invitation to register for a Know Your Stuff® Home Inventory account.

How can I export data including photos?

This depends on the type of file you’re exporting.

  • CSV: Does not support embedded images
  • PDF: Will support embedded images
  • XLS: Does not support embedded images

How long does it take for the mobile app to sync with the web-based application?

The app actively pulls data from and pushes data to the cloud as the user interacts with it—it does not automatically synchronize with the cloud. For example, if a user creates a room or enters a new product in the mobile app, these revisions are immediately available to view on Know Your Stuff® web-based (“desktop”) app, or vice-versa.

What file formats can I download for the report?

You can export Know Your Stuff® reports in CSV, XLS and PDF formats, which are supported by most major image viewing and spreadsheet software.

Can I upload an existing inventory using an excel file?

Sorry, but the Know Your Stuff® Home Inventory tool doesn’t support this function.

How can I update my email address if I don’t have access to the email address anymore?

Log into your account to update an email address in the “My Profile” section. Please contact customer support if you are unable to access your account and email address.

How will I receive my Know Your Stuff® inventory report?

If using the mobile app, you’ll receive an email with the report. You can also download the report via the desktop app in the following formats: CSV, PDF and XLS.

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